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  • Vanity Fair

    The sweet spot between northeastern prep and Austin’s relaxed yet dynamic creative vibe.

  • Wall Street Journal

    The new old-school golf shirt.

  • Town & Country

    Our new favorite golf brand.

  • Details

    The search for the perfect polo ends here.

  • Playboy

    Timeless style for the man who seeks adventure with a girl on his arm and a rocks glass in his hand.

  • FOX & Friends

    A perfect mix of old school prep and modern design.

  • Esquire

    Country club style that's anything but stuffy.

  • Golf Channel

    Give me something classic. Something comfortable. Something simple. Something that I can wear out in public and not look like a complete tool. I won't go as far as Patrick Henry, but give me Criquet.

  • Valet

    Old school golf style of guys like Arnold Palmer and Dean Martin with the irreverent twist of Caddy Shack.

  • Fresh

    An incredibly kick ass shirt.

  • Maxim

    This shirt is the sh*t.

  • Wall Street Journal

    Golf clothes that don't embarrass you off the course.

  • Bearings

    A meticulously designed shirt made with the finest organic cotton.

  • Camille Styles

    It was vintage love at first sight when I laid eyes on a Criquet Shirt.

  • Tribeza

    Classic prep style with adventurous Northwest cool shines through in the design and clever details.

  • Thrillist

    Resurrecting the ghost of a very cool shirt.