A Caddie's Commentary

A Caddie's Commentary

6 Reasons Why Guys Should Have 1 Of These Shirts In Their Closet

6 Reasons Why Guys Should Have 1 Of These Shirts In Their Closet

You’ve probably noticed that almost every polo shirt looks the same. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s why guys are mixing it up with a Criquet (pronounced "cricket") Shirt.

October 2021

Author: Zach, The Criquet Caddie

1. In A World Of Copycats, Criquet Stands Out From The Herd.

The structured collar, 4-button placket and an optional chest pocket give these shirts a unique retro look. Its vintage style and modern fit helps you stand out without sticking out.

2. Long staple Pima cotton is softer than any other cotton in the world. Because… science.

It's the cashmere of cotton, and easy to care for. I'll spare you the horticulture lesson - just know that most cotton used in clothing has 1/2" long fibers. But this Pima cotton is called "long staple" for a reason... it's 3x longer. That means these shirts are softer, hold colors longer, and are more resistant to pilling.

3. From Zoom Calls To Golf Balls, This Shirt Belongs Everywhere.

The crisp collar and the versatile, old school 4-button placket can be dressed up or down. Button up for that zoom call, then take it down a notch for the 19th hole (save the 1-button look for the after party). Plus, you can get these with or without pockets.

4. Crisp collars, every time.

Removable collar stays. Criquet took dress shirt technology and adapted it to the well-deserving polo shirt. It’s like viagra for your collar. Keep your collar looking fresh 24/7.

5. Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell and 10,000 Other Dad Bods Agree.

The Wall Street Journal and Vanity Fair have called these shirts, “The Perfect Polo,” and “The New Old School Golf Shirt.” Plus 10,000 other people who’ve given 5-star reviews. But who’s counting?

6. Finding Your Fit Is Easy.

You can’t know how a shirt fits you until you try it on. Which is why return shipping is fast (and free on most orders) and exchanges are a breeze. Go ahead, feel that ultra soft pima cotton and see how great you look in it.